The UAV quadrocopter pilot school was founded in 2019 in the USA. Since 2022, it has been working in Ukraine as a training center.

The founder of the school is a professional pilot and instructor with many years of experience and more than 8,000 flight hours, Andriy with the call sign "Synoptyk". He has US and Canadian licenses and his own training program.
Since December 24, he has been working as part of the ZSU (air reconnaissance), currently in reserve.

Instructor, electronics engineer and professional photographer and cinematographer, graduate of the European Film Academy in Germany in 2005. Since 2013, a permanent participant in National Geographic programs.

Teaches everyone who wants to on a general course from zero to practical classes, but a significant part of the classes is devoted to the use of UAVs in cases of military operations.


  • The cost of training is 13,500 hryvnias, there are special conditions for military personnel.
  • Duration of training — from 10 days.

The school is located in the center of Kyiv, training flights take place outside the city. But the instructor goes to any city of Ukraine, provided there are at least 5 students.

Now a program has been developed for cinematographers and directors:

  • for cinematographers — a master class on non-standard use of camera drones. Duration — 15 days: 5 days of theory, the rest of the time — practice, cost — 10,500 UAH.
  • for film directors — a master class on using the features and possibilities of shots obtained from camera drones as elements of direction. Duration — 5 days, cost — 4,500 hryvnias.

A program on agricultural drones is being prepared for the spring - the use of UAVs in the agro-industrial complex. In addition, the founder is also personally engaged in the development of his own electronics and a program for controlling a UAV from scratch with 90% artificial intelligence in the autopilot.
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